Coriander Seed

Coriander Seed

Coriander seed is one of those lovely spices that has a strong enough flavor to add something to a dish, but light enough that you can make a tea from it an not be overwhelmed. And the flavor's not even the best part- it's got fantastic medicinal qualities for the digestive and urinary systems!  

Coriander seed is Pitta's best friend when it comes to digestive issues.  Pittas have a strong digestion system, that's sometimes a little toooo strong- they often end up with an overly-acidic stomach, causing nausea, pain, and acid reflux. Just because there's lot's of acid though, doesn't mean that things are being digested well. Sometimes the system isn't working properly- maybe the proper enzymes aren't there, maybe the valves of the system aren't functioning well, and food sits in the stomach and sours with all that acid. This is a problem I had for a while, and it sucked, to say the least. It was seriously one of the most painful things I've experienced. You're stomach ends up feeling like it's been run through a pasta maker : /  And coriander seed, with a couple of other spice friends, came to my rescue!  

Coriander enkindles agni, the digestive fire of transformation in the body, without encouraging or increasing acidity in the stomach. This is a beautiful thing my friends! Especially for those of us suffering from digestive disorders. If you're in need of better digestion, but there's inflammation or irritation anywhere in the digestive tract, I urge you to try coriander- it can't hurt!

There are other medicinal benefits as well! 

  • It's a carminative, so it aids in relieving gas and bloating in the digestive tract

  • The ground seeds help to kill worms

  • Cold-brewed tea made from the seeds aids in relieving painful urination due to cystitis or bladder infection

  • Cold-brew coriander seed tea also helps give relief from hot flashes 

  • Seeds aid in relieving fever

  • Energetically, it helps in lifting the spirits when you're feeling down :)  

  • Best of all, there are NO CONTRAINDICATIONS! It is absolutely safe :) 


Coriander seed is pungent, bitter, and sweet, is VPK-, especially for Pitta, and has a warming energy.

This tridoshic digestive churnam, a mixture of coriander, fennel, cardamom, and cumin, is a time-tested reliever of digestive issues or upsets. You can make a tea, use it in your cooking, or both!  

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